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The "Spirit II" works during the winter months maintaining the health and pristine quality of the estuary.

This unique vessel does important work removing sand that is blown into the channel and replacing it on the distal spit which provides a safe harbour and protection from the open sea and enhancing the dune habitat of our native birds.

There have been three dredges over the years.  "The Spirit of Mangawhai" was purchased in 1991, and in 1995 a much larger dredge "Thomas MacKinnon" was bought and both worked together on the creation of the bund wall. 

The current "Spirit of Mangawhai II" was commissioned in 2006 and is now the only dredge working in the estuary staffed by a contract company.

Photos of the three dredges supplied by Bev Ross and Mangawhai Museum.

The Spirit of Mangawhai
Thomas MacKinnon dredge arriving at Mang
HISTORY: The Spirit of Mangawhai
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