To provide the community with accurate information relevant to the ongoing development and sustainment of activities regarding the Mangawhai Harbour and estuary.

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Pakiri Beach is a spectacular beach with glistening white sand. The quartz grains are so ancient and well rounded that when you walk on this sand, it squeaks. 

Friends of Pakiri Beach was formed out of love for this beach. 

Website Link: Friends of Pakiri Beach



Why is Mangawhai Sand so important to Mangawhai?

The sand at Mangawhai is originally from the Waikato River, which up until 1,800 years ago emptied into the Firth of Thames.  A huge volcanic eruption then blocked the river at Lake Karapiro and redirected it to Raglan.  The importance of this is that the Mangawhai sands are not able to be replenished.  Every grain of sand we have must be treasured and protected.

For this reason the MHRS is strongly opposed to current coastal sandmining consents being extended, for an additional 35 years, the the extraction of 25,000,000 tonnes.  If allowed to proceed this will have a devasting impact on our coastline, sandspit and harbour.